Maureen Ferry's passion for building goes back to elementary school woodshop in St Louis, Missouri where she sawed, nailed, and glued any and all cast-offs, including those given to her by her grandfather, a carpenter.  She trained as an architect at the prestigious Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) and has since built many modern commercial buildings around the world. But travels in the remote corners of the globe convinced her that the beauty and palpable sensation of being in a shelter that is adapted to its local environment is something that should be shared and experienced by everyone, most importantly by the young people who will be leading us all in the future.


Leveraging her background in international commercial construction, architecture, teaching and adventure travel, she created HouseStories as a platform to inspire a fresh understanding of our habitats. Through a global hands-on tour of simple construction, HouseStories combines existing elementary subjects in a new way, and is scaleable across age groups and product lines. It enables children to understand patterns and systems of our world, connect the dots between their right and left brain, and create new ideas for the future.


Through HouseStories, Maureen would like to share the excitement of making buildings, of visualizing spaces and of contemplating any and all possibilities!

Maureen named one of 50 Global Ambassadors for #TeachSDGs educating youth on UN2030 Goals

HouseStories featured in Houston Chronicle

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